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, Thank you for stopping by The Forsaken Vision Blog site, I am yours truly Kya Le Blogger ! I love fashion (clearly) and everything it has to offer. On this site you can check out so many things such as my personal journey to becoming a runway/print model also designers from different parts of the globe, my thrift findings and many more. I have a huge passion for helping upcoming designers so if you are looking for exposure please email me at theforsakevision@gmail.com , thank you and enjoy my blog.

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My SuperMuse Picks

My SuperMuse Picks

Angela Simmons 2013 Lookbook

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Challenge !

Okay so right here we have Beyonce and Kim , below comment and tell me which outfit you like better so I can do an imitation of it. I will  find all the pieces at THRIFT stores, no online shopping , no forever 21 thrift shops only. I am going to try to find as close as possible to each piece as I can ! comment comment comment !! 


JuDaH (: said...

I gotta go with Beyonce!

Kyasia Ross said...

OMG !!! BOUT TIME lol people never wanna get involved lol

JNELV in DxmePiece

JNELV in DxmePiece

Styled By Kia Denis

Top Shop

Top Shop
Outfit seen on Beyonce Knowles-Carter

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