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My SuperMuse Picks

My SuperMuse Picks

Angela Simmons 2013 Lookbook

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Urban Chic

Philadelphia University's Fashion management student Taylor Burrella is defintaly an urban chic. Her style compliments the east coast environment,  describing her look as ever changing, urban, and girly. Giving the opportunity to interview her today we discussed a few of her favorite fall/winter pieces this season. Quoting "I've really been into the sweaters of the Givenchy Fall/Winter 2012 Collection. I think that these sweaters are unisex - they look great on the guys, but I love when ladies can pull off the look too. Something specific that caught my eye is the Jeremy Scott Forum Hi's. Everyone has a fashion icon, lately Teyana Taylor  has been making her way as everyones favorite including Burrella's. As Teyana is one of Burrellas inspirtations she states" she right up there with Kanye" , It certainly shows through Taylor's choice of clothing for she is unique and puts together trendy outfits. I can defiantly see her working in the industry in the future. To check out more of her trendy fits down below will be her contact information, Thanks Taylor. 

Instagram: @taylorburrella
Facebook.com: Taylor Burrella 


JNELV in DxmePiece

JNELV in DxmePiece

Styled By Kia Denis

Top Shop

Top Shop
Outfit seen on Beyonce Knowles-Carter

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