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, Thank you for stopping by The Forsaken Vision Blog site, I am yours truly Kya Le Blogger ! I love fashion (clearly) and everything it has to offer. On this site you can check out so many things such as my personal journey to becoming a runway/print model also designers from different parts of the globe, my thrift findings and many more. I have a huge passion for helping upcoming designers so if you are looking for exposure please email me at theforsakevision@gmail.com , thank you and enjoy my blog.

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My SuperMuse Picks

My SuperMuse Picks

Angela Simmons 2013 Lookbook

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Marquette Collection

The man behind the thread, celebrity designer Tyron P CEO of Marquette Collection has been the talk of the industry . Designing fits for various events , whether a night out or elite events such as the red carpet. The Marquette Collection has been worn by many celebrities for instance, hip-hop dancer Kaylin Garcia , or for many who are familiar with reality show Love&Hip-Hop Joe Budden's girlfriend. All of P's creations are original pieces that he hand crafts himself.  Stationed in Philadelphia ,  I fell in love with every dress and mesh unitard; anyone looking for a designer with edge , creativity and GREAT at crafting he is the man for you. Below will be his information to view more of the Marquette Collection. 

Contact Information: (267) 236-9123
Email: Marqp21@gmail.com
Instagram: Marquette21 


JNELV in DxmePiece

JNELV in DxmePiece

Styled By Kia Denis

Top Shop

Top Shop
Outfit seen on Beyonce Knowles-Carter

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