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, Thank you for stopping by The Forsaken Vision Blog site, I am yours truly Kya Le Blogger ! I love fashion (clearly) and everything it has to offer. On this site you can check out so many things such as my personal journey to becoming a runway/print model also designers from different parts of the globe, my thrift findings and many more. I have a huge passion for helping upcoming designers so if you are looking for exposure please email me at theforsakevision@gmail.com , thank you and enjoy my blog.

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My SuperMuse Picks

My SuperMuse Picks

Angela Simmons 2013 Lookbook

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Uncool Chuck

Uncool? Yet the coolest cat I know .. Chuck , or brutha Chuck as I call him. I met the Designer at a fashion show in Philadelphia a while back . I could not help but to approach him because his style was too crazy, I can recall everything he wore ....  wearing the red and black flannel around the waist as a signature of his I had to ask for a picture. As the Righteous Rebel  springs through the Philadelphia area Chucks line is punk inspired quoting
 " I think the punk look is the visual people get when they think of a rebel so it fits." Having some of his inspirations come from the pop , art, and hip hop culture , Chuck believes majority of his ideas come from the man above; God. Furthermore, I had to ask as you all know what were  a few of his fashion icons right now stating "Kanye West him or Andre 3000... Kanye because he ALWAYS had his own style and he is a game changer. I really think he is the main reason the hip hop audience keeps such a keen eye on high fashion now... 3000 because I really think he can wear damn near ANYTHING and make it look good... I think his style is the ultimate reflection of him, eclectic."  I get asked a lot about mens fashion and where to purchase some trendy findings , for Chuck stores such as Zara, UrbanOutfitters, and H&M is were you can find him , but also catch him at thrift stores seeking vintage pieces for cheap. Hand designing his clothes I asked Chuck what was an item that he created he was most fond of, he  replies  "denim jackets or vests and this pair of dr. Martens i did for my homie".  For custom spiked shrits , vest, jackets ANYTHING this is the man to go too also for ideas or other styling tip he is a great advisors. Below you can find his information. 

Facebook: Uncool Chuck 
Twitter: Uncool_Chuck


JNELV in DxmePiece

JNELV in DxmePiece

Styled By Kia Denis

Top Shop

Top Shop
Outfit seen on Beyonce Knowles-Carter

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